searching for the RIGHT new owner?

You've spent years building your business to where it is today. It's taken hard work and sacrifice to overcome the challenges. To keep growing against the odds.

Now that it's time for a change you want the best sale price and new owners that share your vision on what the business can achieve. 

At Amroth, we understand one of the hardest decisions you've had to make about your business is when and how to exit. We know that there are many succession options you can consider. That the best strategy is unique and matches your personal and professional goals.

Talk to us if your goal is finding an enthusiastic buyer committed to seeing your business thrive.


Transitional focus

We work with you to create a joint transition plan that ensures confidentiality while keeping your customers and employees engaged. 

We have experience in complex business transformations across diverse market environments and we focus on delivering successful change management.

operational excellence

We are internationally experienced and operationally seasoned entrepreneurs with significant commercial exposure in major multinational enterprises.

Our success is based on our ability to translate sophisticated business strategy, market knowledge and competitor insights into clear and actionable growth plans.

We are reflective value based leaders and understand what it takes to help teams achieve their potential.


Long term investment

Amroth offers a compelling combination of capital and managerial expertise for the companies we acquire. 

We approach every investment with a focus on continuity and value creation. We're open to opportunities across industries.

We believe we can create the most value for businesses that have a proud heritage of customer satisfaction seeking a seamless transition with committed successors. 




We know that although every owner has different personal and professional goals one point is consistent, you want the greatest return for the years of hard work you've put into your business.

We respect an open, honest and fair valuation process.

Amroth will conduct due diligence with the utmost care and explore all possible options to generate mutually beneficial outcomes.






entrepreneurial spirit

We embrace the change and are excited by the opportunities for innovation that exist around us.

We're comfortable learning new things as we go.

There's nothing we enjoy more than creating new sources of value for small businesses and their communities.



collaborative purpose

At Amroth, we all share a purpose to create stakeholder value through the power of small business.

We have seen the benefits of collaboration across years of experience. We know its the way to achieve exceptional outcomes.

You will always find Amroth willing to work with you.


open mindedness

Our open mindedness is based on clarity of thought and clear communication.

It is how we will engage with you and a part of everything we do.

We evaluate each business individually without limiting notions on industry, size, history or circumstance. Because not everything fits neatly into a category.



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Amroth Capital Proprietary Limited is a Micro Private Equity Search Fund based in Australia and Singapore. Amroth's sole mission is to identify, acquire, operate and grow one or more well-built, family owned or founder-managed enterprises.

Amroth is committed to the highest standards of integrity, excellence, diversity, collaboration and quality improvement. We understand the importance of continuing your hard work and preserving the legacy of your business. 

You can secure your financial future and protect the business you have built. Contact us to find out how we can help. 


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